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Coastdesign provides a broad range of services tailored to the marine industry. We have decades of experience and vast knowledge when it comes to semi-submersible offshore units, support vessels, FPSOs, and jack-ups. 


Coastdesign has been a dealer for Autoship Systems Corporation, offering products like Autohydro® and Autoload ® since it was first launched. This has been a very strong relationship for decades and shows our dedication to being a leader in both the service and support domain.

What makes this collaboration truly exceptional is the unwavering commitment of both companies to deliver exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have worked hand in hand to create the best product for our customers, leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise. 

Coastdesign continues to support Autoship Systems Corporation products with the same passion that we had all these years. 

Stability calculations

Our vast experience with stability calculations coupled with up-to-date software implementation of the latest rules puts us in a position where we can be of immediate value to your company's needs.

Whether you are planning a new-build project, doing a conversion of an existing vessel, or just want a broader range of operations for current projects, we can help with stability calculations or provide consulting and solutions for any challenge that may occur.

These calculations include everything stability-related under the latest SOLAS and IMO Rules, with both deterministic and probabilistic approach: from intact and damage stability of any type of vessel to specialized operations like crane lifting, anchor handling, towing, etc. Our field of expertise includes various vessel types: OSV/PSV, rigs, jack-ups, FPSOs, semi-submersible heavy lifting vessels, and many others.

The final result of our work is the complete set of stability documents and continued support for actions like inclining tests or loading computers.

We are proud that we have been included in the design of several prototype aquaculture floating units, working together with the owner, class, and other relevant parties on stability challenges for these novel vessels.

Training and workshops

Coastdesign also offers various training courses: loading computer usage for the crew working onboard vessel; vessel cargo loading and planning for project engineers in the planning office; stability calculations using our stability software for naval architects; general consulting and brainstorming in ship stability domain for every interested party in the design process.

When participating in our workshop, your crew will learn everything they need to be able to perform ship stability calculations using the onboard loading computer. This includes everyday tasks when monitoring loads in tanks and weights onboard, tracking changes, checking vessel stability according to the predefined criteria, and printing daily reports. The crew will also be trained to use loading computers for planning purposes, so they can complete all operations in the safest and time-saving manner.

Since our software license allows for the loading computer to be installed on both vessel (offshore) and office computers (onshore) for the same vessel, training for engineers in the project office can be of high importance also, especially for complicated operations like heavy crane lifting or transport of heavy cargo on semi-submersibles. Our experienced trainers can give guidance and valuable advice on how to utilize our software in the most efficient manner.

Lastly, our software is tailored by naval architects for naval architects, so creating complete stability booklets is a very simple task. If there is a need to get help on how to start your project, use our calculation software, calculate stability according to any rule, or want to broaden your knowledge on ship stability in general, we can organize workshops that would be led by our most experienced engineers and naval architects.

Our training and workshops are tailored to your needs: whether it is a group or one-on-one training, it can be done both in-person and online. If it is crew training, it is done on the loading computer for their actual vessel.

Do you have any questions?

Coastdesign has several decades of experience from the marine industry, and knows the importance of intuitive and well-functioning loading computers. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the Hydro software.